Monday, October 24, 2011


Did you know...

• ovarian cancer causes more deaths than any other type of female reproductive cancer?
• the cause of ovarian cancer is unknown?
• because symptoms are ambiguous, ovarian cancer often goes undiagnosed? [source]
• every year, about 15,000 women in the United States alone will die of ovarian cancer. [source]

When ModCloth contacted me about their efforts to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, I was so excited to support this cause. The vintage-inspired and always chic company will be participating in Frocktober, an all-month initiative to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation in Australia. Frocktober means exactly what you think it does—wear a lovely dress in honor of ovarian cancer!

ModCloth is also donating 20% of the proceeds from the Frocktober Dress, an absolutely perfect dress for fall, to this very worthy cause.

Celebrating Frocktober is easy! Just wear a frock, and spread the word about ovarian cancer. These lovely ladies are doing it: Tieka of Selective Potential, Jen of Jen Loves Kev, Kaelah Bee of Little Chief Honeybee. You can also host a frock swap, challenge friends to participate or simply blog about the cause and how you're celebrating. It's easy to get the word out, and programs like this can help detect cancer in its early stages—creating better outcomes for women around the world.

[zig zag dress: Everly via Sosie// moccasins: Minnetonka// horn pendant: Hallelu// tights: Uniqlo// watch and gold necklace: Fossil]

Here are some of my recent favorite ModCloth frocks:

1. Key to the Pretty Dress// 2. Handle With Square Dress// 3. Frocktober Dress// 4. Champagne Bar Dress// 5. Seeing Bubble Dress// 6. Fits Me to a Pea Dress// 7. Primary Predilection Dress// 8. Ne-on Trend Dress// 9. All that You Can Brioche Dress// 10. Draping Devotion Dress

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Friday, October 21, 2011

boot weather+giveaway!!

Here in NYC, the weather is getting steadily colder...and I love it! Fall is my favorite season, and I'm so excited to experience my first fall in New York.

When the weather gets colder, it's also time for one of my favorite fashions of the year: boots! I love almost every kind of boot, and I recently added some shiny Hunters to my shoe collection to help me battle those brutal rainy days in the city. Here are some boots I have been coveting lately:

boots: back to basics

the detailed

This month, I am giving away $125 courtesy of the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union and Hits 96 to the best pair of boots. Think your boots have what it takes? Send me a photo here, and you could win!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the wonder years

Lately, I've been streaming episodes of The Wonder Years, the show I fondly remember watching in syndication as a kid (oh, the joys of Netflix). I loved it then, and I still love it now. If you're not familiar, The Wonder Years is a bildungsroman series about middle-school boy Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage),  his family, and his experiences growing up in the suburbs in the late 60s, early 70s. A lot of these experiences center on his love interest, Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar), the girl next door who continually both intrigues and frustrates Kevin throughout the series.

One of my favorite elements of the show is the amazing period fashion sported by Winnie and Karen (Olivia D'Abo), Kevin's older, rebellious, flower child sister. This era of fashion is one of my favorites, and I love Winnie's American girl modern pieces juxtaposed with Karen's bohemian ensembles.

Winnie was the object of Kevin's affection and a color-blocking queen:

Winnie Cooper

A modern version of Karen's bohemian style is my ultimate wardrobe:

Karen Arnold, The Wonder Years

In other exciting news, my friend and fellow style blogger Emerald of Sunday Crossbow was featured in the November issue of InStyle magazine (page 62)!! I'm going to try to pick one up today to see her spotlight in person. Check out her won't be disappointed.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

seeing spots

I'm had some luck with flash sales and daily deals in the past, and when I heard about the launch of StyleMint a few months ago, I was really excited. My very first blog post here was about my idolization of the Olsen twins as style inspiration, and I really wanted to be part of their new venture. StyleMint was a way for me to own Olsen-designed pieces without spending a paycheck on items from the gorgeous Elizabeth and James and The Row lines.


After enrolling in StyleMint, you essentially take a test to analyze your personal style. The site then offers a few options of tees to choose from every month. My first StyleMint tee was the Rush, a polka-dotted shark-bite tee that comes in cream and navy.

The tees are sized from 1 to 5, so I opted for the 3 just to avoid it being too small. I'm normally a medium, and the shirt fits a bit baggy. I solved the problem with a skinny belt...and I stole Chad's watch. The shirt is super soft and a really easy way to pull together a simple outfit.

My October choice, the Newbury in cherry tomato, is on its way.

[Rush tee: StyleMint// denim: Gap// wedges: Urban Outfitters// watch: Fossil// belt and necklace: Forever 21]

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Friday, October 7, 2011

my first guest post!

About a month ago, Anja of A Heart and Soul Story contacted me about work she was doing for her thesis in American Studies. I was so happy that she contacted me and wanted to talk with me about my experience with blogging. It was such a pleasure to talk with Anja via Skype about fashion blogging and everything that comes along with it. One of my favorite things about blogging is meeting other people with similar interests, and I'm so happy to have met Anja!

As Anja is finishing up her thesis, her blog is featuring guest posts from myself and the other four blogs featured in her thesis. I feel so honored!! So head on over to A Heart and Soul Story to check out my first guest post ever!
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the weekender.

I really hate packing for trips. I always think about it a few days ahead of time, imagining how I will neatly place all my items in the suitcase so they don't get smashed or wrinkled, and when packing day comes, I just throw everything in. I headed to Chattanooga last night to be reunited with our lovely Eleanor, family, friends and co-workers for the weekend. I have compiled my ideal packing list for the weekend. Although I'm taking a giant suitcase, I'm packing pretty light so I'll have room to bring back our winter clothes and such. These are some items I imagine would make the perfect weekend trip down South...

Madewell slip dress, $265
Striped dress, $58
Marni crew neck tee, $255
GAP zipper legging, $70
Cooperative oxford shoes, $59
Minnetonka vintage shoes, $39
FOSSIL vintage handbag, $248
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Monday, October 3, 2011

keeping it simple

I know I've been MIA for a few days, and I blame recovering from a cold and a busy schedule—but I'm back! Hopefully I haven't neglected the blogging world for too long...

Sometimes getting dressed for the day is a fun experiment of combining pieces to create a symphonic look, but other times, that task seems impossible. On those days, I usually fall back onto comfort.

I won these vintage heeled loafers from the eclectic Etsy shop of Bear Cat Vintage through contest sponsored by Orchid Grey, and I love them!

[top: Forever 21// denim and watch: Fossil// necklace: Andrea Bonelli Jewelry, who makes absolutely beautiful pieces// earrings: gift from Anne// vintage loafers: Bass c/o Bear Cat Vintage]

What do you wear on those days when your closet won't cooperate?
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